Become A Rescue Ranger And You’ll Save Your Business

It really does not matter whether your business is small to medium sized, or you’re part of a large multinational concern. It remains shocking to observe just how many responsible stakeholders treat this matter ever so lightly. And it is usually only when a real emergency, with tragic consequences, occurs when people in positions of responsibility, alongside those under their wing, are jolted into action.

Pole top rescue training

Take the annual fire drill exercises on a high rise building. And don’t folks remember that day in history? Are their memories that short? Have they already forgotten? No, not really. Put it to you this way, you will not find a single New Yorker not taking his or her safety and security seriously. Nor for that matter, anyone in London or Paris or any of the global cities that have experienced the extremities of terrorism and natural disasters.

Pole top rescue training, on the other hand, will be a reasonably regular occurrence in the industrial space. Not just the pole top exercises but exercises to do with dealing with confined spaces and one on one resuscitation in the event of a serious accident. The occurrence of serious accidents in the work place are statistically more likely in heavily industrialized areas than within the white collar environment.

This also goes to show why the accident count is so low in most cases. Could it be that stakeholders and their workforce have taken to heart the matter of essential safety and security training? Or is it because they have been mandated to do so, whether through legislation or industry associations. Be that as it may, no-one can afford to sit back and take things easy. All it takes is just one lapse to kill your business.